Thiera Smith | Acupuncturist | Reiki Master Practitioner | Chicago

Thiera Smith, LAc, RN started her career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse where she worked for 10 years, first in the Intensive Care Unit, then in the Emergency Room. In 2012 Thiera was introduced to Traditional East Asian Medicine and, although her initial reaction was skepticism, the overwhelmingly positive successes she had in her personal health while being treated with Acupuncture and other Eastern modalities created a passion for this relevant and effective medicine. Thiera went on to study at Pacific College of Health and Science-Chicago. In addition to graduating with her Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2016, she finished certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

Registered Nurse, Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master Practitioner

In February 2016 Thiera opened a community acupuncture clinic out of Centered Studios in Rogers Park, where payment is based on a sliding scale. In 2018 she began contracting with Western Medicine physicians to provide acupuncture for both chronic pain and mental health clinics. Thiera joined Chicago’s Tribe community in 2020 as a licensed and nationally boarded Acupuncturist, pleased to be able to offer private treatments.

Community Acupuncture, Private Treatments, Contracting with Western Medicine Physicians and Healthcare Facilities

Thiera’s work is strongly informed by the Traditional East Asian idea that there is no separation between the physical body, emotions, and spirit. Imbalances in one of these areas can lead to signs and symptoms of dis-ease in the others. Thiera uses a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy, and Reiki to provide treatments that not only facilitate the healing of the body, emotions, and spirit, but also grow these three aspects together. She is particularly passionate about working with people who have an openness to exploring how this can effect their personal healing.

-There is no difference between the physical body, emotions, and spirit. Imbalances in one area can lead to dis-ease in the others.

Thiera’s professional focus has been shaped over the last few years through her work with patients living with long term physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges. For her, professional fulfillment comes when she collaborates with a patient who has already “tried everything” and is able to find a new level of relief when adding acupuncture or other Eastern modalities.

Thiera Smith, LAc, RN