Response to Covid-19

My Dear Patients, 

It has been announced that the stay-at-home order for the state of IL will be extended for the month of April. At this point, I have decided to keep Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios closed, and plan to re-evaluate May 1st. Tribe has also temporarily asked us to close. I have been thinking about about you: my patients that use acupuncture to treat pain, my patients that use acupuncture to treat anxiety or depression, my patients that have gotten to a place where we just do maintenance to keep symptoms away and who may feel anxiety that symptoms will return without your normal treatments, my patients that use acupuncture as much deserved self-care.

Some of you may have heard that Illinois has declared acupuncture an essential service. I know that I feel like acupuncture is an essential part of my life, and I appreciate that there are those of you that use acupuncture so that you don’t have to lean so heavily on Western Medicine. I have weighed all of that against what we know about Covid-19. And, what we know is that since asymptomatic people can spread the virus- to properly protect ourselves, each other, our larger community, and our emergency healthcare systems- any sort of close contact treatment (like acupuncture) would necessitate at least a mask, and probably gloves and gown. The decision I’ve made for myself is that I can’t, in good conscience, use precious PPE that our nurses and doctors who are working in the hospitals need. It is undoubtedly sobering when we have to choose between our quality-of-life and literal life and health for our community, but I believe by knowing the facts and making rational decisions based on data, we are going to get through this more safely and more quickly. 

While my ability to give acupuncture is on pause right now, my commitment to your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of our community is strong. I would love to hear how you are doing and how I may be of service. Starting this week, I am offering 30 min virtual appointments, for those interested. We can be in touch by email, phone, or a Hippa compliment telehealth service. Some things we might do during a virtual session: 

  • Brainstorm the basics. Two heads are better than one, and while I am not a licensed social worker, if you are experiencing insecurity in housing or food or other basics I know there are a lot of resources we can find together. 
  • Holding Space: If you are alone at home and would like someone to check in with I’d love to exchange tips for how we are filling time.
  • Qi Gong. Qi gong combines movement and breath to provide an all encompassing mediation. I can teach you my favorite qi gong exercise that gets my body moving and my mind calm.
  • Eastern Nutrition recommendations. Chinese Medicine has been described as “kitchen medicine” because so many of our tools can be found right in the kitchen. This starts with the food that we eat. You and I can discuss how you are feeling, I will diagnose your patterns, and provide a list of foods and recipes that will be beneficial to you. 
  • Acupressure/ Tapping. I will walk you through a self-administered acupressure session to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Distance Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and can provide a remote Reiki session with guided meditation. 

I know that we run the spectrum on how our incomes have been effected by the stay at home order. That is why I am offering the above services on a sliding scale, $50-$0. I want you to feel free to reach out, no matter what. I think the most important thing we can do for each other is bolster feelings of safety, connection, calmness, and positivity. If any of the above sound like something that would be useful to you, or you have any questions, please be in touch. 

Sending love,