Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios Reopening 6/7/2020

In May Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios came back for patients with a high severity of symptoms and now, as Chicago enters Phase 3 of its Reopening Plan, I am ready to invite all patients back to Community Acupuncture. We are going to reopen mindfully, cautiously, and with great flexibility on everyone’s part. As we have found over the last month, it is a true group effort to keep the clinic running smoothly with the new requirements, and I appreciate everyone’s assistance so far.

Below are the ways I have prepared the space and the ways you can prepare yourself for our work together, but before that, I want to acknowledge the protests and righteous anger happening in our city/ country. I commit to continuing to educate myself on how to be antiracist and to continue making Community Acupuncture a safe and healing space. With anger, grief, anxiety, and fear so present right now, I want to send out this gentle reminder that caring for your emotional and mental health is crucial to your overall health and to preventing burnout. Acupuncture can help decrease stress and anxiety, reset your nervous system, boost your immune system and recharge your batteries. If you think Acupuncture can be of service, there is room for you and you deserve to be taken care of, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment. 

  1. Masks. You must wear a mask upon entering the space and during your treatment. No mask, no treatment. 
  2. Be aware of timing. My goal is that you do not cross paths with another patient while in the clinic space. Please be mindful of your appointment time; avoiding coming too early or late helps me direct traffic. Likewise, once your appointment is complete, please exit the space as promptly as possible. 
  3. Covid-19 screening. 24 hours before your scheduled appointment you will receive a patient advisory and acknowledgement form via email. This is a more formal version of the checklist I’ve been doing verbally up to this point. Please fill it out online. It goes directly into your chart which I can then review at the start of the day, freeing up the time we have together.  Everyone will get an auricular temperature check upon arrival. 
  4. Clinic Restructure. Following Public Health guidelines, appropriate cleaning is done before the start of clinic and between each patient. Each chair will continue to be placed in its own room. Payment, rescheduling, intake and treatment will all be done in your seat. You will need to bring all of your belongings into your room with you, so please consider minimizing what you carry in. If you need to leave your room for any reason, please let me know so that I can clear the way for you.
  5. Email, text or call for an appointment. To give myself enough time to minimize overlap and properly clean I am keeping a fairly strict schedule, so will not open up online booking yet. Please email/text/call to for an appointment.

6. Changes to payment. A reminder that the sliding scale has shifted and is now $40-$70. If possible, to promote contactless payment, consider using Venmo or Zelle.