Private Treatments at Tribe Reopening 6/9/2020

With appropriate caution and great mindfulness Tribe is reopening its doors, at a reduced capacity, starting this week. If you would like to return for private treatment, or if you are a Community Acupuncture patient that would be more comfortable in a 1:1 setting for a while, please email, text, or call for an appointment. Online scheduling is not available at this time. Continue reading below to learn what Tribe has done to get the clinic ready for your return, including what you will need to do before coming in for an appointment. 

New Procedures and Policies

  • Tribe has completed a deep clean, removed all unnecessary soft furnishings, increased the frequency of sanitization of high touch areas and treatment rooms, installed UV light sanitizers and HEPA filters. 
  • HEPA filters must be kept running during treatment sessions
  • Keep conversations to a minimum and specific to the treatment to reduce aerosolization.
  • Use a hand towel on switches and door handles where possible. 
  • The tea and water station has been decommissioned at this time. Please bring your own water with you. 


  • All practitioners and patients must do a screening before entering Tribe. 
  • Practitioners are encouraged to check their temperature daily. Patients will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If greater than 100.4* F, the appointment will be cancelled.

Patient Policies

  • A flexible late cancellation policy continues to be in place. There will be no penalty for late cancellations due to COVID-19 symptoms. Please cancel your appointment if you develop signs or symptoms. 
  • Patients and practitioners are required to wear a face mask at all times while on the premises. 
  • Until further notice, the waiting room is closed. If you are driving, please wait in your car until your practitioner texts you to come in. If you arrive via public transportation, please wait outside. The only exception is in case of inclement weather, if you did not drive, you may wait in the vestibule, observing social distancing. 
  • Tribe is encouraging contactless payment methods. 
    • Venmo: @Thiera-Smith
    • Zelle:

“Before Your Visit to Tribe” Procedures 

  • 24 hours before your treatment you will be emailed a Patient Advisory, Assessment, and Acknowledgement Form. Fill it out online and it will automatically go into your Electronic Health Record where your practitioner will be able to review it.
  • Our goal at Tribe is to prevent patients from crossing paths so practitioners will coordinate with each other to “direct traffic”. Please be mindful of your appointment time. 
  • Upon arrival at Tribe you will wait outside. You may text your practitioner that you are present. Your practitioner will meet you at the door and escorte you in. 
  • Everyone entering Tribe must wear a face covering and keep it on throughout their appointment.
  • As you enter, you will use hand sanitizer, remove your shoes, wash your hands in the bathroom, then go directly to your treatment room where the intake, treatment, rescheduling and payment will be done. If possible please use Venmo or Zelle for payment. 
  • At the end of your appointment please exit the space as promptly as possible to allow other patients to enter.