Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios with Thiera Smith, LAc, RN Closed

Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios will have its final clinic day June 20th. I appreciate the trust and support you’ve given me over the years and have been honored to be a part of your healing journey. 

I want to give you some options for the future: 

-If you want to continue acupuncture at Centered Studios, there is currently an acupuncturist in private practice there and a new one that will be starting private practice shortly. You can find more information at Centered Studios’s website. I’ve put out feelers in multiple networks looking for an acupuncturist that would like to take over Community Acupuncture, and if that comes to fruition I will let you know in a separate email. 

-If you want to continue acupuncture at a sliding scale, I can personally recommend Bluebird Wellness, and the student Community Acupuncture Clinic at Pacific College of Health and Science. I know sliding scale Community Acupuncture is more difficult to find since COVID, so if you end up at a place you really love, let me know so I can pass it on to others. 

-If you want to continue acupuncture with me, I will be in private practice over at Tribe- 1821 W Belmont Ave. Private treatments are different from Community Acupuncture in that I spend the entire hour in the room with you, combining Acupuncture and Shamanic Practices, including Reiki. In private treatment we address your symptoms through the lense of the inseparability of the body, emotions, and spirit while holding the larger vision of uncovering and building strong connections to your truest/healthiest self so you can live a life that is courageously authentic, deeply connected, and full of that which you love. You can learn more about that work on my website. Private Treatments are $125. I am currently booking Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm-8:30pm. 

I will continue to collaborate with healthcare facilities in the neighborhood to bring Acupuncture to Western Medicine settings, so if you see me around, say hi!