Community Acupuncture at Centered Studios

7009 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL

What to expect and what’s changed as we reopen

In the community setting, acupuncture is traditionally done in a room with other people. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, until further notice:

-chairs will be placed in separate rooms with 1 chair per room. The exception to that is people who come to Community Acupuncture with others from their household. Household members may share a room.

-Public Health recommendations will be followed, including appropriate cleaning and spacing guidelines. To help prevent overlap between you and another patient, please come at your scheduled time. If arriving early or late, you may be asked to wait outside. Likewise, after your treatment, please exit as promptly as possible. Payment, rescheduling, intake and treatment will be done in your chair.

-You must wear a mask while inside the building. No mask, no treatment.

-Covid-19 screenings will be done as follows: 24 hours before your scheduled appointment you will receive a patient advisory, assessment, and acknowledgement form via email. Please fill it out online. It goes directly into your chart which can then reviewed by your practitioner at the start of the day, freeing up the time we have together.  Auricular temperature checks will be done upon arrival. If either the online checklist or temperature check reveals suspected signs of infection your appointment will be rescheduled after a 2 week wait.

As always, please wear loose clothes that can be rolled up to elbows and knees. Acupuncture points on their head, ears, arms, legs, hands and feet are used.

The structure of an appointment is: 10 minutes for intake, 5 minutes for needling and/or other modalities, then the patient rests with needles in for the appropriate amount of time, usually 30min.

One Traditional Chinese Medicine modality, including acupuncture, moxabustion, or gua sha, is guaranteed in a community acupuncture treatment. The appropriate modality will be chosen by the Acupuncturist based on her diagnosis and the time available during the shift.


Payment is based on a sliding scale, $70-$40.

Patients will use a sliding scale, on the honor system (with no need to provide proof of income), to determine payment.

Sliding Scale for Community Acupuncture

Yearly IncomeSuggested Treatment Costs
less than $10,000$40
$30,000- $60,000$60
$60,000 and above$70

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Contactless Payment Options Preferred:

  • Venmo: @Thiera-Smith
  • Zelle:

Also Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card

Clinic Policies

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24 hours notice if cancelling appointments. You will never be required to pay for missed appointments. However, after missing or cancelling an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, twice in a year, you will be asked to make appointments on the day you would like a treatment rather than in advance. If you would prefer to continue to make appointments in advance you may choose to pay, in full, for your missed or late-cancelled appointment. There will be no penalty for patients cancelling due to symptoms of COVID-19. Please say home for 14 days if you have signs of COVID.

Appointment Timing

Community Acupuncture treatments are scheduled in 15 minute blocks of assessment and needle placement by the acupuncturist, plus 30 minutes of resting with needles in. Please arrive on time. If arriving more than 5 minutes late, it will be up to the acupuncturist’s discretion and the clinic schedule if the appointment can be kept or if it will be counted as a late cancellation. 

Community Acupuncture Agreements 

  1. Please be respectful and thoughtful of the other community members who are resting with needles in. 
  2. Please speak in a low voice upon entering Centered Studios and while in treatment room.
  3. Please step outside of the clinic to take phone calls and do not use electronics during your treatment.
  4. In order to maintain the flow of the clinic, payment collection and rescheduling will be done at the beginning of the appointment, before needles are placed.


Every other Sunday: 1pm-6pm

Email for current schedule