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Traditionally Community Acupuncture is done with chairs or tables in a group setting. As part of our COVID mitigation response, tables have been moved into private rooms and air filters have been placed in each room. 

You can learn more about acupuncture, in general, here. In the Community setting only one Traditional East Asian Medicine modality, including acupuncture, moxabustion, or gua sha is guaranteed. The appropriate modality will be chosen by the Acupuncturist based on her diagnosis and the time available during the shift.

The structure of an appointment is: 10 minutes for intake, 5 minutes for needling and/or other modalities, then the patient rests with needles in for the appropriate amount of time, usually 30 minutes.

Please wear loose clothes that can be rolled up to elbows and knees. Acupuncture points on their head, ears, arms, legs, hands, feet, and abdomen are used.

*Be mindful that sound echoes and can be heard throughout the studio. Please enter and exit quietly and hold conversation until we are seated at your treatment table. Thank you.*


Payment is based on a sliding scale, $70-$40.

Patients will use a sliding scale, on the honor system (with no need to provide proof of income), to determine payment.

Sliding Scale for Community Acupuncture

Yearly IncomeSuggested Treatment Costs
less than $10,000$40
$30,000- $60,000$60
$60,000 and above$70

Community Acupuncture Agreements 

  1. Please be respectful and thoughtful of the other community members who are resting with needles in. 
  2. Please speak in a low voice upon entering Centered Studios and while in treatment room.
  3. Please step outside of the clinic to take phone calls and do not use electronics during your treatment.
  4. In order to maintain the flow of the clinic, payment collection and rescheduling will be done at the beginning of the appointment, before needles are placed.
  5. COVID symptom checklist will be emailed 24 hours before appointment. Patient must complete checklist before treatment.