During Private Treatments at Tribe, we collaborate together to:

Peel off the layers that no longer serve. These layers might be pain, anxiety, disease, unhelpful thought processes, or feeling stuck. Your first, and most obvious layer will be your “chief complaint.”

Call back the parts of yourself you thought (or didn’t realize) you’d lost. From a Shamanic perspective, power and soul loss happen to all of us as we cope with life events, and once we start taking off layers that no longer serve us, we have room to call our lost parts home.

Remind you of your innate wisdom. Do you remember how important it is to be in sync with the Qi of the season? Have you learned how to use food as supportive medicine? Are your values so clearly defined that holding your boundaries has become second nature and you can consistently find the courage to push past things that have historically blocked you?

Align your Body, Emotions, and Spirit. The repeated process of removing what no longer serves, calling back what is ours, and tapping into our wisdom slowly starts putting our body, emotions, and spirit in alignment. A sign you are in alignment is that you are able to make the words that come out of your mouth match the thoughts in your head and the feelings in your heart- in all situations. Being in alignment feels like: peace, relief, being comfortable in your own skin, knowing your purpose.

Support you as you courageously choose to share your medicine with the world. When your body, emotions, and spirit are aligned, you have access to your authentic, higher, self and I believe your authentic self holds medicine for others and for the world at large. We share our medicine simply by being courageous enough to be ourselves as we interact with others. It can be scary, but…OH WOW…is it enlivening!

What this collaboration looks like in the treatment room:

Together, we combine our intuition, creativity and persistence to create the treatment that needs to be done for your highest healing, in the moment.

Elements of your treatment may include Acupuncture, Shamanic Work, or Spiritual Life Coaching.

Doing this work leads to:

Relieving your symptoms at the root level.

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

Feeling more connected to your purpose.

Feeling more connected in your relationships.

Tapping into the guidance of your higher self.

A willingness to be curious about things that used to be too overwhelming, leading to opportunities for deeper healing.

Having a healing impact on those around you.