In Traditional East Asian Medicine there is a concept called Yangsheng, which translates as Nourishing Life. This idea reminds us that health is not just the absence of disease or painful symptoms, health involves maintaining and building our reserves. We deepen our reserves by aligning with nature, learning to observe the seasons and act as nature does or as nature asks. This lays the groundwork for health now and through the rest of the year. We also deepen our reserves by finding the balance and natural rhythm in other aspects like work, sleep, eating, emotions and movement.

On these calls we will discuss how to align ourselves with the Qi of each season, together remembering that we rest and nourish ourselves in winter so that we can build the resources necessary to grow in the spring; and what we grow in Spring affects our summer production and the abundance of our fall harvest, which is what sustains us through winter. During months where there isn’t a seasonal transition we will discuss other ways to align ourselves with natural rhythms that support our health and healing.

Calls are the 4th Wednesday of every month, 7:15pm-8:15pm. They are recorded, if you can’t make that specific time. Joining the call is free when you have a Club-Level Membership to Tribe. Email thiera@tcmthiera.com for your personal access code to set up your account. If you would like to join the call but are not an member, tickets are $10 and available here. Tickets are non-refundable and do not grant access to the recording.