Each season brings its own unique Qi. In Traditional East Asian Medicine it is important to align our body, mind, and spirit with the current season’s energy for our health now and throughout the year. The goal of Traditional East Asian Medicine is to generate health and balance so that acupuncture is only needed 5 times a year- at the change of seasons.

Aligning with the seasons means that we have observed nature and are acting as nature does or as nature asks. It also means we’ve laid the groundwork for what is to come in the next season. We rest and nourish ourselves in winter so that we can build resources to grow in the spring. What we grow in Spring affects our summer production and the abundance of our autumn harvest. 

Join me to get tips, tricks, and rituals for transitioning between and aligning yourself with the Qi of the season. Tickets are $10. Links are sent 24 hours before the call.

To reserve you spot send your payment to either:

Venmo: @Thiera-Smith

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In the comments section leave your email address and the Seasonal Call you would like to be part of.

2021 Call Schedule:

Spring– February 11, 2021

Summer– June 21, 2021

Late Summer– August 16, 2021

Autumn– September 22, 2021

Winter– December 20, 2021

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